Saturday, January 10, 2015

And A Blog Was Born

This blog was born on Christmas Eve, just a week short of welcoming my first daughter into this world, as I pondered my issues surrounding body image and how I did not want to pass my issues onto her.  We live in a world where body image is so skewed and expectations for both male and female bodies are unreal.
I have honestly never been satisfied with my own body.  I’m the girl who has purchased every gimmick weight loss trick out there.  I have purchased “miracle” exercise equipment, taken diet pills-including phentermine, joined countless gyms, paid personal trainers, tried Body by Vi and Shakeology, and have counted calories until I’m blue in the face, to name just a few.  Sure I can lose weight and my body has changed from time to time, but I have never been satisfied.

Because my weight has been a constant issue in my life and I am always complaining about it, I realized that I was setting up a negative environment for myself, but especially for my daughter.  I want her to have a healthy and realistic view on her body.  The only way for her to have that is for me to have that.  Thus the blog, a place where I can be held accountable, air my views, and get support or strength from the words that flood the pages.  This blog is not intended to have a large audience, nor is it a way to make a name for myself in the world.  It’s simply a place where I can be real.  

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